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Medieval Itineraries: Eudes Rigaud

Map of places mentioned in Rigaud

Eudes Rigaud was archbishop of Rouen from 1248 to 1275. The document known as Regestrum Visitationum Archiepiscopi Rothomagensis is effectively a diary of his pastoral visits, transcribed in an 1852 edition by Le Brument. In 1253-4 Rigaud made a journey to Rome, recorded in ff177-186 of Le Brument's edition of the Regestrum. His journey took him via the Seine valley, over the Jura to Lausanne, and over the Simplon to Milan, continuing via the Via Emilia and the Via Flaminia to Rome. As a Franciscan, he made a detour to visit Assisi. His return journey was via the Via Francigena, continuing along the coast to Genoa, inland to Turin, over the Mt Cenis pass, then crossing to the Loire, and north to Paris and Rouen.

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