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Medieval Itineraries: Emonis Chronicon

Map of places mentioned in Emo

In 1213 a Premonstratensian monastery was founded in the town of Wierum, near Groningen in Frisia. Because of the white habit of the monks, this became known as Wittewierum, though the monastery was also known as Floridus Hortus, field of flowers. The founder, Emo, became prior and later abbot. In 1204 he had started the chronicle known as the Emonis Chronicon, which together with the chronicle of his successor Menko is also known as the Emonis et Menkonis Werumensium Chronicon. This was transcribed in 1874 as part of the Monumenta Germaniae Historica (in Scriptores in Folio, vol 23 Chronica aevi Suevici).

In 1211-12, Emo made a journey to the centre of the order, Prémontré, and on to Rome to formalise the founding of the monastery, and the itinerary is documented in the Chronicle. His outward journey takes him over Mt Cenis, but on the return he follows a more direct route between Como and Basel, possibly over the Splügen pass.

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