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Johnie Scott

No: 99; variant: 99M

  1. LORD JOHNNIE'S up to England gane, Three quarters of an year; Lord Johnnie's up to England gone, The king's banner to bear.
  2. He had not been in fair England, Three quarters he was not, Till the king's eldest daughter Goes with child to Lord Johnnie Scott.
  3. Word has to the kitchen gone, And word's gone to the hall, And word's gone to the high, high room, Among the nobles all.
  4. And word has gaen to the king himsel, In his chamber where he sat, That his eldest daughter goes wi child To good Lord Johnnie Scott.
  5. 'Gin that be true,' the king replied, 'As I suppose it be, I'll put her in a prison strong, And starve her till she die.'

  1. 'O where will I get a little page, That will win baith hose and shoon, And run into fair Scotland, And tell my love to come?'

  1. 'What news, what news, my little page? What news hae ye brought to me?' 'Bad news, bad news, my master dear, The king's daughter maun die.
  2. 'Here is a shirt, O master dear, Her ain hand sewd the sleeve; She bad me run and tell ye this, And ask nae person's leave.
  3. 'They have her in a prison strong, And in a dungeon deep; Her feet are in the fetters strong, And they've left her to weep.
  4. 'Her feet are in the cold, cold iron, Instead of beaten gold; Her garters are of the cauld, cauld iron, And O but they are cold!'

  1. 'A clerk, a clerk,' the king did cry, 'To cry the toucher-fee;' 'A priest, a priest,' Lord Johnnie cry'd, 'To join my love and me.
  2. 'I want none of your gold,' he said, 'Nor as little want I a fee; But I do want your daughter dear, My wedded wife to be.'