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Johnie Scott

No: 99; variant: 99J

  1. O word is to the queen hersel, In parlour whare she sat, That the king's dochter goes wi child To Jock, that little Scot.
  2. O word is to the king himsel, And an angry man was he; Says, I will put her in cold prison, And hunger her till she dee.
  3. The ladie was laid in cold prison, By the king, a grievous man; And up and starts a little boy, Upon her window-stane.
  4. Says, Here's a silken shift, ladye, Your ane hand sewed the sleeve, And ye maun gang to yon greenwud, And of your freends speir na leave.
  5. 'My bouer is very hie,' said the lady, 'And it's wondrous hie round about; My feet are lockit in the iron fetters, And how can I get out?
  6. 'But I will write a braid letter, And seal it tenderlie, And send it to yon greenwud, And let young Johnie see.'
  7. O Johnie's to his father gane, And til him did say, O I maun up to London, father, And fecht for that lady gay.
  8. His father spak but ae word, Says, I speak it in time; For an ye gang to London, Johnie, I fear your coming hame.
  9. And out and spak anither youth, And a pretty youth was he: Afore I see young Johnie dung I'll fecht for him till I dee.

  1. He has wallowd it, he has wallowd it, He's wallowd it again; Cries, Onie mae o your English dogs That wants for to be slain?
  2. He set the horn until his mouth, And he has blawn baith loud and shill; The victor's doun to Scotland gane, Richt sair against their will.