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The Maid Freed From the Gallows

No: 95; variant: 95[K]

  1. 'O hangman, hold thy hand,' he cried, 'O hold thy hand awhile, For I can see my own dear father Coming over yonder stile.
  2. 'O father, have you brought me gold? Or will you set me free? Or be you come to see me hung, All on this high gallows-tree?'
  3. 'No, I have not brought thee gold, And I will not set thee free, But I am come to see thee hung, All on this high gallows-tree.'
  4. 'Oh, the prickly bush, the prickly bush, It pricked my heart full sore; If ever I get out of the prickly bush, I'll never get in any more.'
  5. 'Yes, I have brought thee gold,' she cried, 'And I will set thee free, And I am come, but not to see thee hung All on this high gallous-tree.' 'Oh, the prickly bush,' etc.