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The Maid Freed From the Gallows

No: 95; variant: 95D

  1. . . . . . 'O had your hand a while! For yonder comes my father, I'm sure he'l borrow me.
  2. 'O some of your goud, father, An of your well won fee! To save me [frae the high hill], [And] frae the gallow-tree.'
  3. 'Ye'se get nane of my goud, Nor of my well won fee, For I would gie five hundred poun To see ye hangit hie.'
  4. . . . . . 'O had yer hand a while! Yonder is my love Willie, Sure he will borrow me.
  5. 'O some o your goud, my love Willie, An some o yer well won fee! To save me frae the high hill, And frae the gallow-tree.'
  6. 'Ye'se get a' my goud, And a' my well won fee, To save ye fra the headin-hill, And frae the gallow-tree.'