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No: 93; variant: 93[W]

  1. And it was weel built, without and within, Except a little hole, to let Bloody Lambkin come in.

  1. He stabbed her young son, with the silver bodkin, Till oot o the cradle the reed blude did rin.
  2. 'Oh still my babe, nourrice, still him wi the keys:' 'He'll no be still, madam, let me do what I please.'
  3. 'Oh still my babe, nourrice, still him wi the knife:' 'He'll no be still, madam, na, no for my life.'
  4. 'Oh still my babe, still my babe, still him wi the bell:' 'He'll no be still, madam, till ye come down yoursel.'
  5. 'How can I come down, his cold frosty night? I have neither coal nor candle, for to show me light!'

  1. 'O haud your tongue, nourrice, sae loud as ye lee; Ye'd neer a cut finger but I pitied thee.'