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No: 93; variant: 93N

  1. LAMKIN was as gude a mason as ever biggit stone; He biggit Laird Earie's house, and payment he got none.
  2. O it fell ance upon a day Laird Earie went from home, And Lamkin came cravin his lady alone.
  3. 'O far's the laird o this place? O neerice, tell me:' 'He's on the sea sailin, O Lamkin,' said she.
  4. 'O far's the lady o this place? neerice, tell me:' 'She's up the stair dressin, O Lamkin,' said she.
  5. 'O far's the bairns o this place? neerice, tell me:' 'The're at the scheel . . O Lamkin,' said she. 'O will I get a word o her, neerice?' said he.

  1. The first step that lady steppet she steppd on a stone; The next step that lady stept she met wi Lamkin.

  1. Ere the basin was washen, or haf made clean, The ladie's heart-bleed was rinnin in the reem.