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No: 93; variant: 93C

  1. LAMERLINKIN, as gude a mason as eer laid a stane, Built a house to Lord Arran, but entrance had nane.
  2. Says the lord to his lady, when going abroad, Take care of Lamerlinkin, wha bides in the wood.
  3. 'I care not for Lamkin, nor none of his kin; My house is plastered outside, and bolted within.'
  4. The gates they were locked, baith outside and in, But there was a wee hole that let Lamkin creep in.
  5. 'Good woman, good woman,' said Lamerlinkin: 'Good woman, good woman,' said the fause nurse to him.
  6. 'Where's the lord o this house? is he not within?' 'He's up in Old England, he's dining wi the king.'
  7. 'Where's the lady of this house? or is she not within?' 'She's up in her high room, and cannot come down.'
  8. 'Where is the maids o this house? or are they not within?' 'They are at the well washing, and cannot get in.'
  9. 'Where is the men o this house? or are they not within?' 'They are at the barn threshing, and cannot win hame.'
  10. 'O what will I do, to mak her come doun?' 'We'll kill her auld son, to mak her come doun.'
  11. He took out a pen-knife, baith pointed and sharp, And he stabbed the babie three times in the heart.
  12. Lamerlinkin did rock, and the fause nurse did sing; Ower the four-cornered cradle the red blood did spring.
  13. 'O please my babie, nurse, O please him wi wands!' 'He'll no be pleased, madam, for a' his father's lands.'
  14. 'O please my babie, nurse, O please him wi keys!' 'He'll no be pleased, madam, let me do what I please.'
  15. 'O please my babie, nurse, O please him with bells!' 'He'll no be pleased, madam, till you come down yoursell.
  16. 'How can I come doun this cold frosty night, Without coal or candle for to shew me light?'
  17. 'The gold rings on your finger are bright as the sun; You may see to cum doun the stair with the light o them.'
  18. O then she came doun the stair, stepping step by step; So ready was Lamkin to grip her in his lap.
  19. 'Save my life, Lamkin, till five minutes break, And I'll give thee gold, the fu o a peck.'
  20. 'I'll no save your life, till five minutes break, Tho thou should give me gold, the fu of a sack.'
  21. 'O Jeany, O Jeany, O scour the bason clean, That your lady's noble blood may be kepped clean.'
  22. 'O no, no, no, Lambkin, my heart will be sare; O take my life, Lambkin, let my lady go.'

  1. He sent for the false nurse, to give her her fee; All the fee that he gave her was to hang her on a tree.
  2. He sent for Lamerlinkin, to give him his hire; All the hire that he gave him was to burn him in the fire.