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Fair Mary of Wallington

No: 91; variant: 91E

  1. 'ARISE, arise, dochter,' she said, 'My bidding to obey; The bravest lord in all Scotland This night asked you of me.'
  2. 'O haud your tongue, mother,' she said, 'These words they do me wrang; For gin I lye in a man's bed, My days will no be lang.
  3. 'There were seven sisters o us a', We were a' clad in white; And five of them were married, And in child-bed they died.'
  4. 'Ye shall not be drest in black, Nor sall ye be in broun; But ye'se be drest in shining gowd, To gae glittering thro the town.
  5. 'Your father sall ride before you,' she said, 'And your brother sall ride ahin; Your horses fore-feet siller shod, And his hind anes wi gowd shall shine.
  6. 'Wi four and twenty buirdlie men Atween ye and the wun, And four and twenty bonnie mays Atween ye and the sun.
  7. 'Four and twenty milk-white geese, Stretching their wings sae wide, Blawing the dust aff the high-way, That Mild Mary may ride.'
  8. They took to them their milk-white steeds, Set her upon a grey, And wi a napkin in her hand Weeping she rade away.
  9. O they rade on that lee-lang nicht, And part o the neist day also, And syne she saw her auld good mother Stand in the gates below.
  10. 'You'r welcome, welcome, dochter,' she said, 'To your biggins and your bowers;' 'I thank ye kindly, mither,' she said, 'But I doubt they'll sune be yours.'