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Fair Mary of Wallington

No: 91; variant: 91D

  1. 'HERE it is was sisters seven, And five is died with child; Was non but you and I, Hellen, And we'se be maidens mild.'
  2. They hadna been maidens o bonny Snawdon A twalvemonth and a day, When lairds and lords a courting came, Seeking Mary away.
  3. The bonny laird of Livingstone, He liket Mary best; He gae her a ring, a royal ring, And he wedded her at last.
  4. She hed na been lady o Livingstone A twalvemonth and a day, When she did go as big wi bairn As iver a woman could be.

  1. The knights were wringin their white fingers, And the ladys wer tearin their hair; It was a' for the lady o Livingstone, For a word she never spake mare.
  2. Out and spake her sister Hellen, Where she sat by her side; 'The man shall never be born,' she said, 'Shall ever make me his bride.
  3. 'The man,' she said, 'That would merry me, I'de count him but a feel, To merry me at Whitsunday, And bury me at Yele.'
  4. Out and spak her mother dear, Whare she sat by the fire: 'I bare this babe now from my side, Maun suffer her to die.
  5. 'And I have six boys now to my oyes, And none of them were born, But a hole cut in their mother's side, And they from it were shorne.'
  6. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .