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Lady Alice

No: 85; variant: 85[C]

  1. Giles Collin he said to his mother one day, Oh, mother, come bind up my head! For tommorow morning before it is day I'm sure I shall be dead.
  2. 'Oh, mother, oh, mother, if I should die, And I am sure I shall, I will not be buried in our churchyard, But under Lady Alice's wall.'
  3. His mother she made him some water-gruel, And stirred it up with a spoon; Giles Collin he ate but one spoonful, And died before it was noon.
  4. Lady Alice was sitting in her window, All dressed in her night-coif; She saw as pretty a corpse go by As ever she'd seen in her life.
  5. 'What bear ye there, ye six tall men? What bear ye on your shourn?' 'We bear the body of Giles Collin, Who was a true lover of yourn.'
  6. 'Down with him, down with him, upon the grass, The grass that grows so green; For tomorrow morning before it is day My body shall lie by him.'
  7. Her mother she made her some plum-gruel, With spices all of the best; Lady Alice she ate but one spoonful, And the doctor he ate up the rest.
  8. Giles Collin was laid in the lower chancel, Lady Alice all in the higher; There grew up a rose from Lady Alice's breast, And from Giles Collin's a briar.
  9. And they grew, and they grew, to the very church-top, Until they could grow no higher, And twisted and twined in a true-lover's knot, Which made all the parish admire.