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The Unquiet Grave

No: 78; variant: 78[Ha]

  1. 'Cold blows the wind tonight, sweet-heart, Cold are the drops of rain; The very first love that ever I had In greenwood he was slain.
  2. 'I'll do as much for my sweet-heart As any young woman may; I'll sit and mourn on his grave-side A twelve-month and a day.'
  3. A twelve-month and a day being up, The ghost began to speak: 'Why sit you here by my grave-side And will not let me sleep?
  4. 'What is it that you want of me, Or what of me would have?' 'A kiss from off your lily-white lips, And that is all I crave!'
  5. 'Cold are my lips in death, sweet-heart, My breath is earthy strong; To gain a kiss of my cold lips, Your time would not be long.
  6. 'If you were not my own sweet-heart, As now I know you be, I'd tear you as the withered leaves That grew on yonder tree.'
  7. 'O don't you mind the garden, love, Where you and I did walk? The fairest flower that blossomd there Is withered on the stalk.

  1. 'And now I've mourned upon his grave A twelvemonth and a day, We'll set our sails before the wind And so we'll sail away.'