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The Unquiet Grave

No: 78; variant: 78[F]

  1. 'Cold blows the wind over my true love, Cold blow the drops of rain; I never, never had but one true love, And in Camvile he was slain.
  2. 'I'll do as much for my true love As any young girl may; I'll sit and weep down by his grave For twelve months and one day.'
  3. But when twelve months were come and gone, This young man he arose: 'What makes you weep down by my grave? I can't take my respose.'
  4. 'One kiss, one kiss, of your lily-white lips, One kiss is all I crave; One kiss, one kiss, of your lily-white lips, And return back to your grave.'
  5. 'My lips they are as cold as my clay, My breath is heavy and strong; If thou wast to kiss my lily-white lips, Thy days would not be long.
  6. 'O don't you remember the garden-grove Where we was used to walk? Pluck the finest flower of them all, 'Twill wither to a stalk.'
  7. 'Go fetch me a nut from a dungeon deep, And water from a stone, And white milk from a maiden's breast [That babe bare never none].'