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The Unquiet Grave

No: 78; variant: 78D

  1. 'PROUD BOREAS makes a hideous noise, Loud roars the fatal fleed; I loved never a love but one, In church-yard she lies dead.
  2. 'But I will do for my love's sake What other young men may; I'll sit and mourn upon her grave, A twelvemonth and a day.'
  3. A twelvemonth and a day being past, The ghost began to speak: 'Why sit ye here upon my grave, And will not let me sleep?'
  4. 'One kiss of your lily-white lips Is all that I do crave; And one kiss of your lily-white lips Is all that I would have.'
  5. 'Your breath is as the roses sweet, Mine as the sulphur strong; If you get one kiss of my lips, Your days would not be long.
  6. 'Mind not ye the day, Willie, Sin you and I did walk? The firstand flower that we did pu Was witherd on the stalk.'
  7. 'Flowers will fade and die, my dear, Aye as the tears will turn; And since I've lost my own sweet-heart, I'll never cease but mourn.'
  8. 'Lament nae mair for me, my love, The powers we must obey; But hoist up one sail to the wind, Your ship must sail away.'