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The Lass of Roch Royal

No: 76; variant: 76F

  1. 'O WHA will lace my steys, mother? O wha will gluve my hand? O wha will be my bairn's father, While my luve cums to land?'
  2. 'O sall I lace your steys, dochter, O sall I gluve your hand; And God will be your bairn's father, While your luve cums to land.'
  3. Now she's gard build a bonie schip, Forbidden she wad nae be; She's gane wi four score mariners, Sailand the salt, salt sea.
  4. They had nae saild but twenty legues, Bot twenty legues and three, When they met wi the ranke robers, And a' their companie.
  5. 'Now whether are ye the Queen hersell? For so ye weel micht bee, Or are ye the lass o the Ruch Royal, Seekand Lord Gregorie?'
  6. 'O I am neither the Queen,' she sed, 'Nor sick I seem to be; But I am the lass o the Ruch Royal, Seekand Lord Gregorie.'

  1. And when she saw the stately tower, Shynand sae cleere and bricht, Whilk proud defies the jawing wave, Built on a rock a hicht,
  2. Sche sailed it round, and sailed it sound, And loud, loud cried she, 'Now break, now break, ye fairy charms, And let the prisoner free.'