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Lord Lovel

No: 75; variant: 75F

  1. AS LORD LOVEL was at the stable-door, Mounting his milk-white steed, Who came by but poor Nancy Bell, And she wished Lovel good speed.
  2. 'O where are ye going, Lord Lovel?' she said, 'How long to tarry from me?' 'Before six months are past and gone, Again I'll return to thee.'
  3. He had not been a twelvemonth away, A twelvemonth and a day, Till Nancy Bell grew sick and sad, She pined and witherd away.
  4. The very first town that he came to, He heard the death-bell knell; The very next town that he came to, They said it was Nancy Bell.
  5. He orderd the coffin to be broke open, The sheet to be turned down, And then he kissd her cold pale lips, Till the tears ran tricklin down.
  6. The one was buried in St. John's church, The other in the choir; From Nancy Bell sprang a bonny red rose, From Lord Lovel a bonny briar.
  7. They grew, and they grew, to the height o the church, To they met from either side, And at the top a true lover's knot Shows that one for the other had died.