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Lord Lovel

No: 75; variant: 75D

  1. LORD LOVEL stands at his stable-door, Mounted upon a grey steed, And bye cam Ladie Nanciebel, And wishd Lord Lovel much speed.
  2. 'O whare are ye going, Lord Lovel? My dearest, tell unto me:' 'I am going a far journey, Some strange countrey to see.
  3. 'But I'll return in seven long years, Lady Nanciebel to see:' 'Oh seven, seven, seven long years, They are much too long for me.'

  1. He was gane about a year away, A year but barely ane, Whan a strange fancy cam intil his head That faire Nanciebel was gane.
  2. It's then he rade, and better rade, Untill he cam to the toun, And there he heard a dismal noise, For the church bells au did soun.
  3. He asked what the bells rang for; They said, It's for Nanciebel; She died for a discourteous squire, And his name is Lord Lovel.
  4. The lid of the coffin he opened up, The linens he faulded doun, And ae he kissd her pale, pale lips, And the tears cam trinkling doun.
  5. 'Weill may I kiss these pale, pale lips, For they will never kiss me; I'll mak a vow, and I'll keep it true, That I'll neer kiss ane but thee.'
  6. Lady Nancie died on Tuesday's nicht, Lord Lovel upon the niest day; Lady Nancie died for pure, pure love, Lord Lovel for deep sorraye.