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Lord Lovel

No: 75; variant: 75A

  1. 'AND I fare you well, Lady Ouncebell, For I must needs be gone, And this time two year I'll meet you again, To finish the loves we begun.'
  2. 'That is a long time, Lord Lovill,' said she, 'To live in fair Scotland;' 'And so it is, Lady Ouncebell, To leave a fair lady alone.'
  3. He had not been in fair Scotland Not half above half a year, But a longin mind came into his head, Lady Ouncebell he woud go see her.
  4. He called up his stable-groom, To sadle his milk-white stead; Dey down, dey down, dey down dery down, I wish Lord Lovill good speed.
  5. He had not been in fair London Not half above half a day, But he heard the bells of the high chapel ring, They rang with a ceserera.
  6. He asked of a gentleman, That set there all alone, What made the bells of the high chapel ring, The ladys make all their moan.
  7. 'One of the king's daughters are dead,' said he, 'Lady Ouncebell was her name; She died for love of a courtous young night, Lord Lovill he was the same.'
  8. He caused her corps to be set down, And her winding sheet undone, And he made a vow before them all He'd never kiss wowman again.
  9. Lady Ouncebell died on the yesterday, Lord Lovill on the morrow; Lady Ouncebell died for pure true love, Lord Lovill died for sorrow.
  10. Lady Ouncebell was buried in the high chancel, Lord Lovill in the choir; Lady Ouncebell's breast sprung out a sweet rose, Lord Lovill's a bunch of sweet brier.
  11. They grew till they grew to the top of the church, And then they could grow no higher; They grew till they grew to a true-lover's not, And then they tyed both together.
  12. An old wowman coming by that way, And a blessing she did crave, To cut of a bunch of that true-lover's not, And buried them both in one grave.