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Fair Margaret and Sweet William

No: 74; variant: 74C

  1. As Margaret stood at her window so clear, A combing back her hair, She saw Sweet William and his gay bride Unto the church draw near.
  2. Then down she threw her ivory comb, She turned back her hair; There was a fair maid at that window, She's gone, she'll come no more there.
  3. In the night, in the middle of the night, When all men were asleep, There walkd a ghost, Fair Margaret's ghost, And stood at his bed's feet.
  4. Sweet William he dremed a dream, and he said, 'I wish it prove for good; My chamber was full of wild men's wine, And my bride-bed stood in blood.'
  5. Then he calld up his stable-groom, To saddle his nag with speed: 'This night will I ride to Fair Margaret's bowr, With the leave of my lady.
  6. 'Oh is Fair Margaret in the kitchen? Or is she in the hall? . . . . . . . . .
  7. 'No, she is not in the kitchen,' they cryed, 'Nor is she in the hall; But she is in the long chamber, Laid up against the wall.'
  8. Go with your right side to Newcastle, And come with your left side home, There you will see those two lovers Lie printed on one stone.