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No: 67; variant: 67C

  1. GLENKINNIE was as good a harper As ever harpet tone; He harpet fish out o the sea-flood, And water out of a dry loan, And milk out o the maiden's breast That bairn had never neen.
  2. He harpit i the king's palace, He harpit them a' asleep, Unless it were Burd Bell alone, And she stud on her feet.
  3. 'Ye will do ye home, Glenkinnie, And ye will take a sleep, And ye will come to my bower-door Before the cock's crowing.'
  4. He's taen out his milk-white steed, And fast away rode he, Till he came to his ain castle, Where gold glanced never so hie.
  5. 'Might I tell ye, Jeck, my man, Gin I had slain a man?' 'Deed might [ye], my good master, Altho ye had slain ten.'
  6. 'I've faun in love wi a gay ladie, She's daughter to the Queen, And I maun be at her bower-door Before the cock's crowing.'
  7. He's taen out his master's steed, And fast awa rode he, Until he cam to Burd Bell's door, Where gold glanced never so hie.
  8. When he came to Burd Bell's door, He tirled at the pin, And up she rose, away she goes, To let Glenkinnie in.
  9. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . That I combed out yestreen.

  1. She looked out at a shot-window, Atween her and the meen: 'There is twa lovers beguiled the night, And I fear I am ane.
  2. 'Ye shall na hae to say, Glenkindie, When you sit at the wine, That once you loved a queen's daughter, And she was your footman's quean.'