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Lady Maisry

No: 65; variant: 65[K]

  1. Marjorie was fer father's dear, Her mother's only heir, An she's away to Strawberry Castle, To learn some unco lear.
  2. She had na been i Strawberry Castle A year but barely three Till Marjorie turnd big wi child, As big as big could be.

  1. 'Will ye hae that old, old man To be yer daily mate, Or will ye burn in fire strong For your true lover's sake?'
  2. 'I winna marry that old, old man To be my daily mate; I'll rather burn i fire strong For my true lover's sake.

  1. 'O where will I get a bonnie boy That will win hose an shoon An will gae rin to Strawberry Castle, To gar my good lord come soon?'
  2. 'Here am I, a bonnie boy That will win hose an shoon, An I'll gae rin to Strawberry Castle, And gar your lord come soon.'
  3. 'Should ye come to a brocken brig, Than bend your bow an swim; An whan ye com to garse growin Set down yer feet an rin.'
  4. When eer he came to brigs broken, He bent his bow an swam, And whan he cam to grass growin He set down his feet an ran.
  5. 'There's nane o a' yer brigs broken, Ther's nane of your castles win; But the fairest lady in a' your land This day for you will burn.'
  6. 'Gar saddle me the black, black horse, Gar saddle me the brown, Gar saddle me the swiftest stead That eer carried man to town.'
  7. He's burstit the black unto the slack, The grey unto the brae, An ay the page that ran afore Cried, Ride, sir, an ye may.
  8. Her father kindlet the bale-fire, Her brother set the stake, Her mother sat an saw her burn, An never cired Alack!
  9. 'Beet on, beet [on], my cruel father, For you I cound nae friend; But for fifteen well mete mile I'll hear my love's bridle ring.'
  10. When he cam to the bonnie Dundee, He lightit wi a glent; Wi jet-black boots an glittrin spurs Through that bale-fire he went.
  11. He thought his love wad hae datit him, But she was dead an gane; He was na sae wae for the lady As he was for her yong son.
  12. 'But I'll gar burn for you, Marjorie, Yer father an yer mother, An I'll gar burn for you, Marjorie, Your sister an your brother.
  13. 'An I will burn for you, Marjorie, The town that ye'r brunt in, An monie ane's be fatherless That has but little sin.'