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Lady Maisry

No: 65; variant: 65[J]

  1. Lady Margery was the king's ae daughter, But an the prince's heir; O She's away to Strawberry Castle, To learn some English lair. O
  2. She had not been in Strawberry Castle A twelvemonth and a day Till she's even as big wi child As ever a lady could gae.
  3. Her father's to the cutting o the birks, Her mother to the broom, And a' for to get a bundle o sticks To burn that fair lady in.
  4. 'O hold your hand now, father dear, O hold a little while, For if my true-love be yet alive I'll hear his bridle ring.
  5. 'Where will I get a bonny boy, That will win hoes and shoon, That will run to Strawberry Castle And tell my love to come?'
  6. She's called on her waiting-maid To bring out bread and wine: 'Now eat and drink, my bonny boy, Ye'll neer eat mair o mine.'
  7. Away that bonny boy he's gaen, As fast as he could rin; When he cam where grass grew green Set down his feet and ran.
  8. And when he cam where brigs were broken He bent his bow and swam; . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  9. When he came to Strawberry Castle, He lighted on the green; Who was so ready as the noble lord To rise and let the boy in!
  10. 'What news? what new, my pretty page? What tydings do ye bring? Is my lady lighter yet Of a daughter or a son?'
  11. 'Bad news, bad news, my noble lord, Bad tydings have I brung; The fairest lady in a' Scotland This day for you does burn.'
  12. He has mounted a stately steed And he was bound to ride; The silver buttons flew off his coat And his nose began to bleed.
  13. The second steed that lord mounted Stumbled at a stone; 'Alass! alass!' he cried with grief, 'My lady will be gone.'
  14. When he came from Strawberry Castle He lighted boots and a'; He thought to have goten a kiss from her, But her body fell in twa.
  15. For the sake o Lady Margery He's cursed her father and mother, For the sake o Lady Margery He's cursed her sister and brother.
  16. And for the sake o Lady Margery He's cursed all her kin; He cried, Scotland is the ae warst place That ever my fit was in!