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Child Waters

No: 63; variant: 63D

  1. Lord John rose, put on his clothes, Sought neither stockens nor shoon, An between the ha and the stable He made not a step but one.
  2. 'O open, open, to me, Burd Ellen, O open an let me in:' 'O yes, O yes, will I, Lord John, But not till I can win; O yes, will I, Lord John,' she says, 'But I'm lyin wi your young son.'
  3. He's taen the door wi his foot, An he kepped it wi his knee; He made the door of double deals In splinders soon to flee.
  4. 'An askin ye'll grant me, Lord John, An askin ye'll grant me; May the meanest maid about the place Bring a glass o water to me?'
  5. 'O hold your tongue, Burd Ellen,' he said, 'Lat a' your askins be; For the best maid about the house Shall bring a glass o wine to thee.
  6. 'An the best bed about it a', For my young son an thee; My mother and my ae sister Sal bear you company.
  7. 'Your marriage an your kirkin day They sal be both in ane, An a' these ha's an bowers, Burd Ellen, They sal be yours an mine.'