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Fair Annie

No: 62; variant: 62G

Source: Communicated by Miss Margaret Reburn, as current in County Meath, Ireland, 1860-70.

  1. She served them up, she served them down, She served them up with wine, But still she drank the clear spring water, To keep her color fine.
  2. 'I must get up, she must sit down, She must sit in my place, Or else be torn by wild horses And thrown over the gates.'
  3. 'You wont get up, she wont sit down, She wont sit in your place, Nor yet be torn by wild horses, Nor thrown over the gates.'
  4. She called up her seven sons, By one, by two, by three: 'I wish you were all seven gray-hounds, This night to worry me.'
  5. 'What ails you, fair Ellen? what ails you, fair? Or why do you sigh and moan?' 'The hoops are off my wine hogsheads, And my wine is overflown.'