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Fair Annie

No: 62; variant: 62D

Source: Herd, The Ancient and Modern Scots Songs, 1769, p.307.

  1. 'Wha will bake my bridal bread, And brew my bridal ale? And wha will welcome my brisk bride, That I bring oer the dale?'
  2. 'I will bake your bridal bread, And brew your bridal ale, And I will welcome your brisk bride, That you bring oer the dale.'
  3. 'But she that welcomes my brisk bride Maun gang like maiden fair; She maun lace on her robe sae jimp, And braid her yellow hair.'
  4. 'But how can I gang maiden-like, When maiden I am nane? Have I not born seven sons to thee, And am with child agen?'
  5. She's taen her young son in her arms, Another in her hand, And she's up to the highest tower, To see him come to land.
  6. 'You're welcome to your house, master, You're welcome to your land; You're welcome with your fair lady, That you lead by the hand.' '' '' '' '' ''
  7. And ay she servd the lang tables, With white bread and with wine, And ay she drank the wan water, To had her colour fine.
  8. Now he's taen down a silk napkin, Hung on the silver pin, And ay he wipes the tears trickling Adown her cheek and chin.