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Sir Patrick Spens

No: 58; variant: 58N

Source: Noted down from a female servant, by Joseph Robertson, July, 15, 1829, Adversaria, p. 67.

  1. Ower and ower by Aberdour There's mony a cloudy stone, And there is mony a gude lord's son I fear will never come home.
  2. Lang, lang will his lady look, Wi her baby in her arms, But she'll never see Earl Patrick Spens Com walkin up the stran.
  3. 'I have a table in my room, It cost me guineas nine; I wad sink it in the sea For ae sight o dry lan.
  4. 'There's a coast o green velvet on my back, I got it for my fee; But tho I wad gie ten thousan punds, Dry land I will never see.'