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Sir Patrick Spens

No: 58; variant: 58L

Source: Motherwell's Note-Book, p. 6, Motherwell's MS., p. 156, from Mrs Gentles, Paisley, February 1825.

  1. Our ship it was a gudely ship, Its topmast was of gold, And at every tack of needlework There hung a silver bell.
  2. Up started the mermaid by our ship, Wi the glass and the comb in her hand: 'Reek about, reek about, my merrie men, Ye are not far from land.'
  3. 'You lie, you lie, you pretty mermaid, Sae loud as I hear you lie; For since I have seen your face this nicht, The land I will never see.'
  4. We hadna sailed a league but ane, A league but barely three, Till all we and our goodly ship Was all drowned in the sea.
  5. Lang lang may our ladies stand, Wi their seams into their hand, Looking for Sir Patrick's ship, That will never come to land.