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Sir Patrick Spens

No: 58; variant: 58F

Source: Motherwell's MS., p. 153, from the recitation of Mrs Thomson.

  1. The king he sits on Dunfermline hill, Drinking baith beer and wine; O Says, Whare shall I get a good skipper, That will sail the salt sea fine? O
  2. But out then speaks an Irish knight, That's tauld the king of me? For tho it had been the queen hersell, She might hae let it be.
  3. 'But busk you, O busk, my merry men all, Sae merrily busk and boune, For blaw the wind where eer it will, Our gude ship sails the morn.'
  4. 'O no, O no, our dear master, It will be a deidly storm; For yestreen I saw the new new mune, Wi the auld mune in her arm; It's a token, maister, or ye were born, It will be a deadly storm.'
  5. 'But busk, O busk, my merrie men all, Our gude ship sails the morn, For blow the wind whereer it will, Our gude ship sails the morn.'
  6. They had na sailed a day, a day, A day but scarsely five, Till Skipper Patrick's bonny ship Began to crack and rive.
  7. It's bonny was the feather beds That swimmed alang the main, But bonnier was our braw Scots lords, They neer returned again.
  8. Our Scots lords they are all laith To weet their coal black shoon; But I trow or a' the play was played, They wat their hair abune.
  9. Our ladies may stand upon the sand, Kembing down their yellow hair, But they will neer see Skipper Patrick's ship Come sailing in nae mair.
  10. Our ladies may stand upon the sand Wi gloves upon their hand, But they will never see Skipper Patrick's ship Come sailing into the land.
  11. O vour and o vour to bonnie Aberdour It's fifty fadoms deep; There you will find young Patrick lye, Wi his Scots lords at his head.
  12. Row owre, row owre to Aberdour, It's fifty fadom deep; And there lies Earl Patrick Spens, His men all at his feet.