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The Cherry-Tree Carol

No: 54; variant: 54D

  1. O JOSEPH was an old man, and an old man was he, And he married Mary, from the land of Galilee.
  2. Oft after he married her, how warm he were abroad, . . . . . . . .
  3. Then Mary and Joseph walkd down to the gardens cool; Then Mary spied a cherry, as red as any blood.
  4. 'Brother Joseph, pluck the cherry, for I am with child:' 'Let him pluck the cherry, Mary, as is father to the child.'
  5. Then our blessed Saviour spoke, from his mother's womb: 'Mary shall have cherries, and Joseph shall have none.'
  6. From the high bough the cherry-tree bowd down to Mary's knee; Then Mary pluckt the cherry, by one, two, and three.
  7. They went a little further, and heard a great din: 'God bless our sweet Saviour, our heaven's love in.'
  8. Our Saviour was not rocked in silver or in gold, But in a wooden cradle, like other babes all.
  9. Our Saviour was not christend in white wine or red, But in some spring water, like other babes all.