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Young Beichan

No: 53; variant: 53K

  1. 'There is a marriage in yonder hall, Has lasted thirty days and three; The bridegroom winna bed the bride, For the sake of one that's owre the sea.'

  1. 'What news, what news, my brave young porter? What news, what news have ye for me?' 'As beautiful a ladye stands at your gate As eer my two eyes yet did see.'
  2. 'A slice of bread to her get ready, And a bottle of the best of wine; Not to forget that fair young ladye Who did release thee out of close confine.'
  3. Lord Bechin in a passion flew, And rent himself like a sword in three, Saying, 'I would give all my father's riches If my Sophia was 'cross the sea.'
  4. Up spoke the young bride's mother, Who never was heard to speak so free, Saying, 'I hope you'll not forget my only daughter, Though your Sophia be 'cross the sea.'
  5. 'I own a bride I've wed your daughter, She's nothing else the worse of me; She came to me on a horse and saddle, She may go back in a coach and three.'