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Young Beichan

No: 53; variant: 53J

  1. SHE'S taen the keys frae her fadder's coffer, Tho he keeps them most sacredlie, And she has opend the prison strong, And set Young Beichan at libertie.

  1. . . . . . . . . . . . 'Gae up the countrie, my chile,' she says, 'Till your fadder's wrath be turned from thee.'

  1. She's put her han intill her purse, And gave the porter guineas three; Says, 'Tak ye that, ye proud porter, And tell your master to speak wi me.
  2. 'Ye'll bid him bring a shower o his best love, But and a bottle o his wine, And do to me as I did to him in time past, And brought him out o muckle pine.'
  3. He's taen the table wi his foot, And he has keppit it wi his knee: 'I'll wager my life and a' my lan, It's Susan Pie come ower the sea.
  4. 'Rise up, rise up, my bonnie bride, Ye're neither better nor waur for me; Ye cam to me on a horse and saddle, But ye may gang back in a coach and three.'