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The Fause Knight on the Road

No: 3; variant: 3A

  1. 'O WHARE are ye gaun?' Quo the fause knicht upon the road: 'I'm gaun to the scule,' Quo the wee boy, and still he stude.
  2. 'What is that upon your back?' quo etc. 'Atweel it is my bukes,' quo etc.
  3. 'What's that ye've got in your arm?' 'Atweel it is my peit.'
  4. 'Wha's aucht they sheep?' 'They are mine and my mither's.'
  5. 'How monie o them are mine?' 'A' they that hae blue tails.'
  6. 'I wiss ye were on yon tree:' 'And a gude ladder under me.'
  7. 'And the ladder for to break:' 'And you for to fa down.'
  8. 'I wiss ye were in yon sie:' And a gude bottom under me.'
  9. 'And the bottom for to break:' 'And ye to be drowned.'