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The Wee Wee Man

No: 38; variant: 38G

  1. AS I gaed out to tak the air, Between Midmar and bonny Craigha, There I met a little wee man, The less o him I never saw.
  2. His legs were but a finger lang, And thick and nimle was his knee; Between his brows there was a span, Between his shoulders ells three.
  3. He lifted a stane sax feet in hight, He lifted it up till his right knee, And fifty yards and mair, I'm sure, I wyte he made the stane to flee.
  4. 'O little wee man, but ye be wight! Tell me whar your dwelling be;' 'I hae a bower, compactly built, Madam, gin ye'll cum and see.'
  5. Sae on we lap, and awa we rade, Till we come to yon little ha; The kipples ware o the gude red gowd, The reef was o the proseyla.
  6. Pipers were playing, ladies dancing, The ladies dancing, jimp and sma; At ilka turning o the spring, The little man was wearin's wa.
  7. Out gat the lights, on cam the mist, Ladies nor mannie mair coud see I turnd about, and gae a look, Just at the foot o' Benachie.