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The Wee Wee Man

No: 38; variant: 38D

  1. AS I gaed out to tak a walk, Atween the water and the wa, There I met wi a wee wee man, The weest man that ere I saw.
  2. Thick and short was his legs, And sma and thin was his thie, And atween his een a flee might gae, And atween his shouthers were inches three.
  3. And he has tane up a muckle stane, And thrown it farther than I coud see; If I had been as strong as ere Wallace was, I coud na lift it to my knie.
  4. 'O,' quo I, 'But ye be strong! And O where may your dwelling be?' 'It's down in to yon bonnie glen; Gin ye dinna believe, ye can come and see.'
  5. And we rade on, and we sped on, Till we cam to yon bonny glen, And there we lichted and louted in, And there we saw a dainty dame.
  6. There was four and twenty wating on her, And ilka ane was clad in green, And he had been the king of fair Scotland, The warst o them micht hae been his queen.
  7. There war pipers playing on ilka stair, And ladies dancing in ilka ha, But before ye coud hae sadd what was that, The house and wee manie was awa.