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The Wee Wee Man

No: 38; variant: 38C

  1. 'TWAS down by Carterhaugh, father, I walked beside the wa, And there I saw a wee wee man, The least that eer I saw.
  2. His legs were skant a shathmont lang, Yet umber was his thie; Between his brows there was ae span, And between his shoulders three.
  3. He's taen and flung a meikle stane, As far as I could see; I could na, had I been Wallace wight, Hae lifted it to my knee.
  4. 'O wee wee man, but ye be strang! Where may thy dwelling be?' 'It's down beside yon bonny bower; Fair lady, come and see.'
  5. On we lap, and away we rade, Down to a bonny green; We lighted down to bait our steed, And we saw the fairy queen.
  6. With four and twenty at her back, Of ladies clad in green; Tho the King of Scotland had been there, The worst might hae been his queen.
  7. On we lap, and away we rade, Down to a bonny ha; The roof was o the beaten goud, The floor was of chrystal a'.
  8. And there were dancing on the floor, Fair ladies jimp and sma; But in the twinkling o an eye, They sainted clean awa.