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The Wee Wee Man

No: 38; variant: 38B

  1. AS I was walking by my lane, Atween a water and a wa, There sune I spied a wee wee man, He was the least that eir I saw.
  2. His legs were scant a shathmont's length, And sma and limber was his thie; Atween his shoulders was ae span, About his middle war but three.
  3. He has tane up a meikle stane, And flang't as far as I cold see; Ein thouch I had been Wallace wicht, I dought na lift it to my knie.
  4. 'O wee wee man, but ye be strang! Tell me whar may thy dwelling be? 'I dwell beneth that bonnie bouir; O will ye gae wi me and see?'
  5. On we lap, and awa we rade, Till we cam to a bonny green; We lichted syne to bait our steid, And out there cam a lady sheen.
  6. Wi four and twentie at her back, A' comely cled in glistering green; Thouch there the King of Scots had stude, The warst micht weil hae been his queen.
  7. On syne we past wi wondering cheir, Till we cam to a bonny ha; The roof was o the beaten gowd, The flure was o the crystal a'.
  8. When we cam there, wi wee wee knichts War ladies dancing, jimp and sma, But in the twinkling of an eie, Baith green and ha war clein awa.