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Kempy Kay

No: 33; variant: 33F

  1. AS I cam oer yon misty muir, And oer yon grass-green hill, There I saw a campy carle Going to the mill. And bar aye yer bower door weel weel,And bar ay yer bower door weel.
  2. I lookit in at her window, And in at her hove hole, And there I saw a fousome fag, Cowering oer a coal.
  3. 'Get up, get up, ye fousome fag, And make yer face fou clean; For the wooers will be here the night, And your body will be seen.'
  4. He gave her a gay cravat, 'Twas of an auld horse-sheet; He gave her a gay goud ring, 'Twas of an auld tree root.
  5. He laid his arms about her neck, They were like kipple-roots; And aye he kissd her wi his lips, They were like meller's hoops.
  6. When they were laid in marriage bed, And covered oer wi fail, The knocking mell below their heads Did serve them wondrous weel.
  7. Ilka pap into her breasts Was like a saffron bag, And aye his hand at her a . . e Was tearing up the scabs.
  8. Ilka hair into her head Was like a heather-cow, And ilka louse that lookit out Was like a brookit ewe.