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Kempy Kay

No: 33; variant: 33E

  1. 'GUD een, gud een,' says Chickmakin, 'Ye're welcome here,' says Drowsy Lane; 'I'm comd to court your daughter Jean, And marry her wi yer will, a wee.'
  2. 'My daughter Jean's a thrifty lass, She's spun these seven lang years to me, And gin she spin another seven, She'll munt a half an heir, a wee.'
  3. Drowsy Lane, it's he's gane hame, And keekit through the hole, a wee And there he saw his daughter Jean A reeking oer the coal. a wee
  4. 'Get up, get up, ye dirty bitch, And wash yer foul face clean, For they are to be here the night That should hae been here yestreen.'
  5. Up she rose, pat on her clothes, She's washen her foul face clean; She cursed the hands, she ban'd the feet, That wadna bring the water in.
  6. She rubbit hersel, she scrubbit hersel, Wi the side of a rustit pan, a wee, And in a little came Chickmakin, A braw young lad indeed was he.
  7. His teeth they were like tether-steeks, His nose was five feet lang; Between his shoulders was nine yards broad, And between his een a span.
  8. Ilka hair into his head Was like a heather-cowe, And ilka louse that lookit out Was like a brookit ewe.
  9. Thae twa kissd and thae twa clapt, And thae twa kissd their fill, And aye the slaver between them hang Wad tetherd a ten-pund bull.
  10. They twa kissd and they twa clapt, And they gaed to their bed, a wee, And at their head a knocking stane And at their feet a mell, a wee.
  11. The auld wife she lay in her bed: 'And gin ye'll do my bidding a wee, And gin ye'll do my bidding,' quoth she, 'Yees whirl her oer the lea, a wee.'