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Kempy Kay

No: 33; variant: 33D

  1. The father came unto the door, And keeked thro the key-hole, a wee And there he saw his dochter Jean, Sitting on a coal. a wee
  2. They scartit her, and scrapit her, Wi the hand o a rusty pan, a wee Her father he did all his best For to get her a man. a wee
  3. She is to the stoups gane, There is nae water in; She's cursed the hands and ban'd the feet That did na bring it in.
  4. Out then spak her auld mither, In her bed whare she lay: 'If there is nae water in the house, Gae harl her thro the lin.'
  5. O she is to the taipy tapples gane, That stood for seven year, And there she washed her foul face clean, And dried it wi a huggar.
  6. He's gien her a gay gold ring, Just like a cable-rope, And she's gien him a gay gravat, Made out o the tail o a sark.