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Kempy Kay

No: 33; variant: 33C

  1. KEMPY KAYE's a wooing gane, And far beyond the sea, a wee And there he met wi Drearylane, His gay gudefather to be. a wee
  2. 'Gude een, gude een,' quo Drearylane, 'Gude een, gude een,' quo he, a wee 'I've come your dochter's love to win, I kenna how it will do.' a wee
  3. 'My dochter she's a thrifty lass, She's spun this gay seven year, And if it come to gude guiding, It will be half a heer.'
  4. 'Rise up, rise up, ye dirty slut, And wash your foul face clean; The wooers will be here the night That suld been here yestreen.'
  5. They took him ben to the fire en, And set him on a chair; He looked on the lass that he loved best, And thought she was wondrous fair.
  6. The een that was in our bride's head Was like twa rotten plooms; She was a chaunler-chaftit quean, And O but she did gloom!
  7. The skin that was on our bride's breast Was like a saffron bag, And aye her hand was at her neek, And riving up the scabs.
  8. The hair that was on our bride's head Was like a heather-cow, And every louse that lookit out Was like a brockit ewe.
  9. Betwixd Kempy's shouthers was three ells, His nose was nine feet lang, His teeth they were like tether sticks, Between his eyne a span.
  10. So aye they kissed, and aye they clapped, I wat they kissed weel; The slaver that hang between their mouths Wad hae tethered a twa year auld bill.