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Kempy Kay

No: 33; variant: 33B

  1. KEMPY KAYE is a wooing gane, Far ayont the sea, And there he met wi auld Goling, His gudefather to be, be, His gudefather to be.
  2. 'Whar are ye gaun, O Kempy Kaye, Whar are ye gaun sae sune?' 'O I am gaun to court a wife, And think na ye that's a weel dune?'
  3. 'An ye be gaun to court a wife, As ye do tell to me, 'Tis ye sall hae my Fusome Fug, Your ae wife for to be.'
  4. Whan auld Goling cam to the house, He lookit thro a hole, And there he saw the dirty drab Just whisking oure the coal.
  5. 'Rise up, rise up my Fusome Fug, And mak your foul face clean, For the brawest wooer that ere ye saw Is come develling doun the green.'
  6. Up then rose the Fusome Fug, To mak her foul face clean; And aye she cursed her mither She had na water in.
  7. She rampit out, and she rampit in, She rampit but and ben; The tittles and tattles that hang frae her tail Wad muck an acre o land.
  8. She had a neis upon her face Was like an auld pat-fit; Atween her neis bot an her mou Was inch thick deep wi dirt.
  9. She had twa een intil her head War like twa-rotten plums; The heavy brows hung doun her face, And O I vow she glooms!
  10. He gied to her a braw silk napkin, Was made o' an auld horse-brat: 'I ne'er wore a silk napkin a' my life, But weel I wat Ise wear that.'
  11. He gied to her a braw gowd ring, Was made frae an auld brass pan: 'I neer wore a gowd ring in a' my life, But now I wat Ise wear ane.'
  12. Whan thir twa lovers had met thegither, O kissing to get their fill, The slaver that hang atween their twa gabs Wad hae tetherd a ten year auld bill.