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The Elfin Knight

No: 2; variant: 2[M]

  1. As I went up to the top o yon hill, Every rose springs merry in' t' time I met a fair maid, an her name it was Nell. An she langed to be a true lover o mine
  2. 'Ye'll get to me a cambric sark, An sew it all over without thread or needle. Before that ye be, etc.
  3. 'Ye'll wash it doun in yonder well, Where water neer ran an dew never fell.
  4. 'Ye'll bleach it doun by yonder green, Where grass never grew an wind never blew.
  5. 'Ye'll dry it doun on yonder thorn, That never bore blossom sin Adam was born.'
  6. 'Four questions ye have asked at me, An as mony mair ye'll answer me.
  7. 'Ye'll get to me an acre o land Atween the saut water an the sea sand.
  8. 'Ye'll plow it wi a ram's horn, An sow it all over wi one peppercorn.
  9. 'Ye'll shear it wi a peacock's feather, An bind it all up wi the sting o an adder.
  10. 'Ye'll stook it in yonder saut sea, An bring the dry sheaves a' back to me.
  11. 'An when ye've done and finished your wark, Ye'll come to me, an ye'se get your sark.' An then shall ye be true lover o mine