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The Elfin Knight

No: 2; variant: 2J

  1. NOW you are a-going to Cape Ann, Follomingkathellomeday Remember me to the self-same man. Ummatiddle, ummatiddle, ummatallyho, tallyho, follomingkathellomeday
  2. Tell him to buy me an acre of land Between the salt-water and the sea-sand.
  3. Tell him to plough it with a ram's horn, Tell him to sow it with one peppercorn.
  4. Tell him to reap it with a penknife, And tell him to cart it with two mice.
  5. Tell him to cart it to yonder new barn That never was built since Adam was born.
  6. Tell him to thrash it with a goose quill, Tell him to fan it with an egg-shell.
  7. Tell the fool, when he's done his work, To come to me, and he shall have his shirt.