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The Elfin Knight

No: 2; variant: 2I

  1. A LADY wonned on yonder hill, Hee ba and balou ba And she had musick at her will. And the wind has blown my plaid awa
  2. Up and cam an auld, auld man, Wi his blue bonnet in his han.
  3. 'I will ask ye questions three; Resolve them, or ye'll gang wi me.
  4. 'Ye maun mak to me a sark, It maun be free o woman's wark.
  5. 'Ye maun shape it knife- sheerless, And ye maun sew it needle- threedless.
  6. 'Ye maun wash it in yonder well, Whare rain nor dew has ever fell.
  7. 'Ye maun dry it on yonder thorn, Where leaf neer grew since man was born.'
  8. 'I will ask ye questions three; Resolve them, or ye'll neer get me.
  9. 'I hae a rig o bonnie land Atween the saut sea and the sand.
  10. 'Ye maun plow it wi ae horse bane, And harrow it wi ae harrow pin.
  11. 'Ye maun shear't wi a whang o leather, And ye maun bind 't bot strap or tether.
  12. 'Ye maun stack it in the sea, And bring the stale hame dry to me.
  13. 'Ye maun mak a cart o stane, And yoke the wren and bring it hame.
  14. 'Ye maun thresh't atween your lufes, And ye maun sack't atween your thies.'
  15. 'My curse on those wha learne:d thee; This night I weend ye'd gane wi me.'