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The Elfin Knight

No: 2; variant: 2G

  1. 'CAN you make me a cambrick shirt, Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme Without any seam or needle work? And you shall be a true lover of mine
  2. 'Can you wash it in yonder well, Where never sprung water nor rain ever fell?
  3. 'Can you dry it on yonder thorn, Which never bore blossom since Adam was born?
  4. 'Now you have askd me questions three, I hope you'll answer as many for me.
  5. 'Can you find me an acre of land Between the salt water and the sea sand?
  6. 'Can you plow it with a ram's horn, And sow it all over with one pepper corn?
  7. 'Can you reap it with a sickle of leather, And bind it up with a peacock's feather?
  8. 'When you have done, and finishd your work, Then come to me for your cambrick shirt.'