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John of Hazelgreen

No: 293; variant: 293C

  1. As I gaed out in a may morning, Afore that I could see, And there I heard a pretty fair may Making sweet melodie. She was making sic melodie, I wonderd what she could mean; But ay she sang and sang about Sweet John o Hazelgreen.
  2. 'O what na man is Hazelgreen? Fair may, pray tell to me.' 'He is a stout and a tall young man As in a' the South Countrie. He is a stout and a tall young man, And comely to be seen; But still O I maun weep and wail For John o Hazelgreen.'
  3. 'Hold your tongue, fair maid,' he says, 'And let your weeping alane; I'll marry you to my eldest son, And you shall be ca'd my dame.'
  4. He has tane her on ahint him, And fast he spurred the steed; For Edinbro town he there was bound, Where they soon came wi speed.
  5. He's tane her to the Luckenbooths, Coft her a braw new gown, A handsome feather for her hat, And a pair o silken shoon.
  6. He has tane the fair may up again, And fast awa rode he; For Hazelgreen now he was bound, Her lodging there to be.
  7. She jumped aff frae ahint him, As fair as any queen; 'Come down, come down, Lord John,' he says, 'And welcome your lady hame.
  8. 'It is the tall and comely youth, Sweet John o Hazelgreen; If we canna see it bridal-day, It shall be bridal-een'