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The Jolly Beggar

No: 279; variant: 279B

  1. THERE was a jolly beggar, and a begging he was bound, And he took up his quarters into a landart town. Fa la la, etc.
  2. He wad neither ly in barn, nor yet wad he in byre, But in ahint the ha-door, or else afore the fire.
  3. The beggar's bed was made at een wi good clean straw and hay, And in ahint the ha-door, and there the beggar lay.
  4. Up raise the goodman's dochter, and for to bar the door, And there she saw the beggar standin i the floor.
  5. He took the lassie in his arms and to the bed he ran, 'O hooly, hooly wi me, sir! ye'll waken our goodman.'
  6. The beggar was a cunnin loon, and neer a word he spake Until he got his turn done, syne he began to crack.
  7. 'Is there ony dogs into this town? maiden, tell me true.' 'And what wad ye do wi them, my hinny and my dow?'
  8. 'They'll rive a' my mealpocks, and do me meikle wrang.' 'O dool for the doing o't! are ye the poor man?'
  9. Then she took up the mealpocks and flang them oer the wa: 'The d--l gae wi the mealpocks, my maidenhead and a'!
  10. 'I took ye for some gentleman, at least the Larid of Brodie; O dool for the doing o't! are ye the poor bodie?'
  11. He took the lassie in his arms and gae her kisses three, And four-and-twenty hunder merk to pay the nurice-fee.
  12. He took a horn frae his side and blew baith loud and shrill, And four-and-twenty belted knights came skipping oer the hill.
  13. And he took out his little knife, loot a' his duddies fa, And he was the brawest gentleman that was amang them a'.
  14. The beggar was a cliver loon and he lap shoulder height: 'O ay for sicken quarters as I gat yesternight!'