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The Farmer’s Curst Wife

No: 278; variant: 278B

  1. THE auld Deil cam to the man at the pleugh, Rumchy ae de aidie Saying, I wish ye gude luck at the making o yer sheugh. Mushy toorin an ant tan aira.
  2. 'It's neither your oxen nor you that I crave; It's that old scolding woman, it's her I must have.'
  3. 'Ye're welcome to her wi a' my gude heart; I wish you and her it's never may part.'
  4. She jumped on to the auld Deil's back, And he carried her awa like a pedlar's pack.
  5. He carried her on till he cam to hell's door, He gaed her a kick till she landed in the floor.
  6. She saw seven wee deils a sitting in a raw, She took up a mell and she murdered them a'.
  7. A wee reekit deil lookit owre the wa: 'O tak her awa, or she'll ruin us a'.'
  8. 'O what to do wi her I canna weel tell; She's no fit for heaven, and she'll no bide in hell.'

  1. She jumpit on to the auld Deil's back, And he carried her back like a pedlar's pack.

  1. She was seven years gaun, and seven years comin, And she cried for the sowens she left in the pot.