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The Wife Wrapt in Wether’s Skin

No: 277; variant: 277C

  1. THERE was a wee cooper who lived in Fife, Nickity, nackity, noo, noo, noo And he has gotten a gentle wife. Hey Willie Wallacky, how John Dougall, Alane, quo Rushety, roue, roue, roue
  2. She wadna bake, nor she wadna brew, For the spoiling o her comely hue.
  3. She wadna card, nor she wadna spin, For the shaming o her gentle kin.
  4. She wadna wash, nor she wadna wring, For the spoiling o her gouden ring.
  5. The cooper's awa to his woo-pack And has laid a sheep-skin on his wife's back.
  6. 'It's I'll no thrash ye, for your proud kin, But I will thrash my ain sheep-skin.'
  7. 'Of, I will bake, and I will brew, And never mair think on my comely hue.
  8. 'Oh, I will card, and I will spin, And never mair think on my gentle kin.
  9. 'Oh, I will wash, and I will wring, And never mair think on my gouden ring.'
  10. A' ye wha hae gotten a gentle wife Send ye for the wee cooper o Fife.